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3 May 2021 - 5 May 2021
9th EuroGOOS International Conference

9th EuroGOOS International Conference: Advances in Operational Oceanography

Expanding Europe's Ocean Observing and Forecasting Capacity

The EuroGOOS Conference is a leading forum to discuss new advances and research results in operational oceanography. 

The EuroGOOS Conference, held every three years, brings together managers, developers, and users of ocean observing and operational oceanography products and services. The event helps to assess current ocean monitoring and forecasting capacities, address challenges, and identify new science and technology priorities. The conference fosters dialogue, experience sharing, and future planning with both European and international partners and stakeholders, towards a more coordinated response to societal needs related to the ocean.

Join us for three days of inspiring plenary talks, insightful presentations, and excellent networking opportunities during 1:1 meetings, virtual exhibition in the Marketplace, and side meetings.

Key topics

We invite a broad range of stakeholders in ocean observing and operational oceanography, from scientists and technologists to businesspersons and policymakers, to discuss these topics and more:

How can you benefit from this event?

As a participant:

  • Learn about the latest research and innovation developments in operational oceanography;
  • Connect with the ocean observing community, expand your network, and target potential partners for cooperation.

As a speaker:

  • Present your latest research, debate pressing topics and challenges, and share insights on joint solutions and initiatives;
  • Hear from leading researchers and experts in a variety of oceanographic fields and find partners for new projects.

As an exhibitor:

  • Showcase your top projects, innovative products, and cutting-edge technologies in the virtual exhibition space through this website's Marketplace;
  • Find new research and business partners and explore exciting opportunities for collaboration.

Register now to stay at the forefront of operational oceanography research and innovation!

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